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An Online Portal for Talent Recruitment

Insights & Candidate Pipeline

For job recruiters, understanding the data which they accumulate is key to improving their hiring process. To this end, Hirenizer provided key metrics and stats based on the candidates who had applied to the system as well as the jobs that were being posted. Data could be viewed for any selected time period. The Candidate Pipeline showed the number of candidates at each step of the hiring process. This would help recruiters to discover and solve any inefficiencies in their hiring process.

Advanced Job Application

Jobs could be created by the recruiter and posted on their portal. Additionally, the recruiters could select from a list of canned questions which they could ask the applicants as part of the job application process. This would include asking to upload ID or just knowing if the candidate had a driving license. Also, the recruiter could specify that the applicant take a custom quiz before submitting their application.

Candidate Profile

The Candidates would not only be able to fill out their CV, they were also asked to write an elevator pitch about themselves. Optionally, they could also post introductory audio or video files. These extras would be valuable for the recruiter when deciding which candidate to call in for an interview. Candidates could have multiple profiles.

Job Portal with Custom Domain

The recruiter could use his company domain name to list the job postings. The theme of the portal would be customizable so that it would match the design of the recruiter’s company website. At the time of posting jobs, the recruiters could also select to publish the job on their various social channels.