We offer direction & implementation for digital interactive projects.


A.M Multimedia was established in 2004, and located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our approach is comprehensive in all project aspects of strategy, identity design, UX/UI, and development.

Our team is led by Aala Mazhar as the main multimedia consultant.
With about 20 years of experience we simplify complex cases, visualise your steps, and help you make it real and remarkable.

Our approach

We focus on entrepreneurs and companies that appreciate working with a passionate team


It’s about the process

When you work with us, you are part of the whole process. So you get to know all the steps and you are part of the team to build a remarkable presence and effect. That means we don’t disappear for weeks and come back with something shiny to surprise you.

We ask you questions, define the smallest needs, analyse factors of success, walk the user’s walk.. and all that happens before working on the solution.

We understand the value of what we are offering to clients and users, and we help you with care and appreciation.

If the elements and circumstances and the means are available... then...

Anything is possible

Our Ethos

1. We like to work with visionary leaders

2. We are a design studio (not an agency)

3. We are focused on design solutions

4. We believe design is a process (not magic)

5. We are bilingual (English/Arabic)

6. We believe in constant learning

7. We are not limited geographically

8. We don’t provide speculative pitches

Some of our clients